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Stay 6 feet apart

Wear your face covering

Wash your hands

Monitor symptoms

Vaccine information

COVID-19 vaccine in Columbia

We are pleased to let you know that vaccine doses arrived in Columbia in mid-December.  Frontline health care workers and first responders received some of the first round of vaccinations.

The vaccine will be distributed in four phases, with multiple tiers in each phase. That distribution and the flow of the vaccine availability is controlled by county, state and federal health officials, who also decide when a particular group will be able to get vaccinated. Please check the county and state websites for the most up-to-date information about the progress through the priority groups and how they will be defined as supplies become available.
COVID-19 vaccine at Mizzou
While the vaccine will become an additional tool in the fight against COVID-19, it will take time before it protects the general population. Continued vigilance and adherence to social distancing, face coverings and practicing safe hygiene will be essential in the spring semester, and perhaps beyond.
Additional information

For more information about the progress of the vaccine distribution to our community, please see the links below, which are regularly updated.