#CampusClear app

At the University of Missouri, we’re working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for the health and safety of our Tiger community — and to maintain work and learning environments that are as safe and productive as possible. Show Me Renewal policy requires faculty, staff and students to monitor their health on a daily basis, including checking their temperature and staying home if it is 100.4 F (38.0 C) or higher. The practice is also recommended for visitors. The #CampusClear app helps support this healthy habit.

To report technical issues with the #CampusClear app, please reach out to campusclear@missouri.edu. Your feedback will be used to help us improve the #CampusClear experience for our university community. You will not receive a reply from this email address.

Monitor your symptoms with #CampusClear

The university is adopting the use of #CampusClear, a self-screening mobile application designed to support campus community members as they monitor their day-to-day health and respond to potential COVID-19 symptoms. #CampusClear provides a daily push notification and self-monitoring only takes a few seconds.

#CampusClear app

To sign up:

  1. Access the app on the App Store, Google Play or via the web.
  2. Indicate if you are a student, an employee or a visitor. Faculty, staff and students should use their university email address to automatically register with the university. No other contact information is needed.
  3. Visitors will be asked to select the school they wish to visit and may provide either their phone number or personal email address to sign in.
  4. Users will be asked to finish authentication via the email they provided for registration.

Additional Information

Users will receive a daily prompt to complete self-screening, which requires that they review symptoms or situations of potential exposure and select any that may apply. Those who select one or more symptoms will not be cleared for campus, so users should be sure to select only symptoms that are new, unusual or unexplained rather than those associated with health conditions they regularly experience.

If you are unable to access or use the app, #CampusClear is available as a web application and can be completed on any device with internet access.

If a user is not cleared for campus, they’ll be instructed to monitor their symptoms or speak with a health care provider and will be provided with information on available support resources.

#CampusClear is designed as a tool for the individual to develop an important daily habit. The app does not collect data such as names, personal identification numbers, addresses or telephone numbers. Participants supply an e-mail address when they create an account, but no identifying information is collected by the university. Aggregate data will be provided to authorized university administrators to provide real-time insights into app usage and overall health trends.

#CampusClear is designed to be an educational tool. Any information a user provides is meant to result in personal guidance and support. The app is not a diagnostic tool and using it does not establish a treatment relationship with a health care provider or with the Student Health Center.

In general, the app mitigates our risk as a campus — but just because someone provides accurate and truthful information and is cleared for campus by the app doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have COVID-19, so always adhere to university guidance regarding social distancing, face coverings and other mitigation measures at all times.

Remember, even when cleared for campus, it’s important we act as if anyone – including ourselves – could be an asymptomatic carrier. That means following Show Me Renewal precautions at all times. Symptom tracking and #CampusClear are just one precaution of many that work together to help us protect our fellow students, our staff and faculty.