Case data

Information about positive tests in Boone County

Columbia/Boone County Health and Human Services is the official source for information about COVID-19 cases in Columbia.

  • The data on this page are provided to the university by Columbia/Boone County Health and Human Services.
  • Because students, faculty and staff can seek testing from a variety of medical providers in and outside of the county, student case numbers provided to MU are incomplete.
  • Students are identified by Boone County when they test positive. Therefore, the county and MU have no way of knowing how many students are tested.
  • Boone County health officials are tracking the numbers of MU students who test positive in the county. Cases of COVID-19 confirmed in other counties and the identities of those who test positive are confidential.
  • Faculty and staff cases at MU are based on self-reports made to supervisors, and are not tracked specially by Boone County. These data are shared in aggregate.
  • Data below are based on cases tested and confirmed at the MU Student Health Center and other testing locations in Boone County since Aug. 19, as identified by Boone County and shared with the university.

MU has requested all students, faculty and staff self-report positive cases to the university so resources and accommodations for remote learning or work can be made available. Information about individuals who test positive will be kept confidential.

Figures on this page will be updated each weekday at approximately noon during the spring semester.

Boone County Information Hub

Boone County Public Health and Human Services is the official data source for COVID-19 cases in Boone County. Visit the county’s information hub for daily updates and information about:

  • Total active cases
  • Hospitalization rate
  • Hospital capacity
  • Positivity rate
  • Cases by age, sex, race and ZIP
  • Sources of exposure

Student cases at Mizzou

(provided by Columbia/Boone County Health and Human Services)


Active student cases


Percent of student body*


Recovered Students


Total student cases since Aug. 19, 2020


Total students hospitalized since Aug. 19, 2020**

*Percent of student body is calculated using the total student population minus students enrolled in distance programs, which is 26,964. This figure is intended to reflect the proportion of MU students currently known to be affected. It is not a positivity rate (see links to local positivity rates at right).
**All seven students have been discharged.
Data last updated on May 14 at noon.
Day of the week New cases Daily recovered Daily net change in active cases
Thursday 5/13 1 1 0
Wednesday 5/12 0 0 0
Tuesday 5/11 0 1 -1
Monday 5/10 0 1 -1
Sunday 5/9 0 1 -1
Saturday 5/8 0 1 -1
Friday 5/7 3 1 2
Positivity Rate Information

Boone County Information Hub

  • Click on the “Statistics Charts” button for positivity rates in the county and other statistics.

MU Health Care COVID-19 Case Data

  • See total tests given by MU Health Care in a 25-county region and the number of positive cases.

Faculty and staff cases

Cases reported in the table below have been self-reported by MU faculty and staff from both MU and UM System offices within Boone County.

Active cases Total recovered Cumulative cases
Faculty 0 60 60
MU staff 3 381 385
UM System staff 0 31 31
Cumulative case data is based on cases self-reported to the university since Aug. 16. Self-reported data may be incomplete. MU staff figures above include one death in the cumulative case column.

COVID-19 and college students

According to data provided by federal, state and local health agencies, we know the vast majority of Mizzou’s student population is in an age group less likely to experience severe symptoms related to COVID-19, meaning fewer hospitalizations or instances of critical care.

Contact tracers will identify close contacts and provide guidance

County officials will direct contact tracing of every positive case in the county, supported by contact tracers hired by the university, to ensure that close contacts to those with positive cases are identified and receive directions for next steps. Close contacts will not be informed of the name or any other identifying information of the person who potentially exposed them due to federal privacy laws.

Information about specific cases will not be shared

Federal privacy laws prohibit the university from disclosing individual identities and any personally identifying information of individuals who test positive. If you are made aware of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you must not share that information.

The individual who tested positive will be isolated, a case investigator will identify close contacts, and contact tracers will contact close contacts and advise them on quarantine.

Factors considered for pivot to all-virtual or remote learning

A variety of metrics will be considered for the possibility of escalating or deescalating MU’s response to COVID-19, including but not limited to:

  • MU-associated and Boone County active cases.
  • Availability of hospital care and isolation space.
  • Availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies.

Given the fluidity of the situation, MU is working closely with local and state health departments and MU Health Care to monitor the spread of COVID-19.


Testing, quarantining and isolating

Information for students, faculty or staff who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Contact tracing

In coordination with Boone County public health officials, the University of Missouri will employ its own team to oversee contact tracing for students who test positive for COVID-19.

Report an unsafe incident

The university has implemented policies to help protect the Mizzou community and limit the spread of COVID-19. If you have concerns that safety protocols are not being followed, you should report the behavior.