Working in the office

As of Aug. 2, all employees, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks in meeting spaces where social distancing is not possible. This temporary requirement will be reviewed by Oct. 15. If you have a medical condition that requires an accommodation, you can contact the Office of Accessibility and ADA.

For the remaining indoor spaces on campus, if you are not fully vaccinated, you are required to wear a mask. Even if you are fully vaccinated, the university recommends wearing a mask in these other indoors spaces, which is aligned with latest CDC recommendations.

Exceptions to these requirements and recommendations include:

  • When you are alone in a workspace.
  • When your workspace has at least a 6-foot distance between all employees or has physical barriers between employees – such as a plexiglass shield or cubicle wall.
  • When you are eating or drinking and 6 feet away from others or divided by a physical barrier, such as a plexiglass shield or cubicle wall.
  • When you are with small numbers of people you consistently work with daily (known as a stable group) including officemates or lab coworkers.

For more information see Face coverings.

Some units across campus, such as MU Health Care, School of Medicine and facilities in the College of Veterinary Medicine, may have different requirements that are specific to their units.

Employees should not be asked about their vaccination status, but they may choose to volunteer it.

For now, if event space and group size do not allow people to distance, it may still be prudent to hold meetings via Zoom.

Depending on the weather and the needs of your office, outdoor meetings may be an option. Be sure outdoor meeting spaces are readily acceptable for all team members who will attend in person.


Please use campus-approved signage when needed for the workplace. Your division’s communications staff member may email a request for additional signage that currently is not available.

Report an incident

Students, faculty and staff should report behavior within the campus community that does not adhere to COVID-19 requirements. Please fill out a form based on the role of the person exhibiting the behavior. Faculty and staff can also report an incident to their supervisor. Note that all are required to wear face coverings in classrooms or meeting spaces in which participants cannot socially distance. In other indoor spaces, face coverings are recommended for vaccinated and required for unvaccinated people. However, no one may inquire of individuals in those spaces about their vaccination status.