Working in the office

Building coordinators, communications staff and other designated department personnel should assess work environments, meeting rooms, breakrooms and other areas to ensure social distancing. Refer to the Preparing Office Spaces for Proper Social Distancing Resource Guide to assist you in planning. Some considerations:

  • Keep fire doors closed; do not block open to avoid using door handles.
  • Always consider accessibility. Some spaces may be too narrow to allow for floor-mounted physical interventions.
  • Account for visitors who come into office suites for contact tracing purposes as needed.
  • Please use campus-approved signage when possible. Your division’s communications staff member may email a request for additional signage that currently is not available.

This year, COVID-19 requires all of campus to work together to reduce the risk for students, faculty and staff as they work on campus. Units are expected to pay for their own supplies such as masks, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, plexiglass, etc., however, the university is working to create cost efficiencies by placing bulk orders through The Mizzou Store. If a unit needs additional supplies not offered through bulk purchasing, a special request must be made for and approved by the Incident Command Team. Please use this form to place a bulk order and/or a special purchase request.

Social distancing

Employee traffic patterns are difficult to retrain, so avoid creating one-way traffic patterns, which will be difficult to manage.  Focus on supporting an environment of social distancing.

  • Walk commonly traveled paths, identifying short cuts that should only be used by personnel who are returning to their work area.
  • Print signage to discourage cut-throughs near blocks of workstations.

Avoid congestion in workspaces

To ensure social distancing guidelines, assess each office and cubicle. You may need to leave some workspaces empty to separate team members or move employees to less populated areas of the office.