University-related travel

No university-sanctioned travel (includes travel by road and/or air) is permitted until further notice. This includes travel connected to university activities or programs for all faculty, staff and students, whether that travel is funded by the university, an external grant, or any other sources. Exceptions may be made by a dean or vice chancellor and must be supported by a compelling reason (for instance, travel required as part of grant compliance) and accompanied by support documentation. Follow the CDC guidelines for travel and comply with the county regulations of the destination. In all cases, monitor for symptoms and inform your supervisor if you become symptomatic.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to travel to sites with one person per vehicle to maintain social distancing. If that is not possible, everyone must wear a cloth face covering and certify that they have not exhibited COVID-19 symptoms according to the CDC guidelines.

For more information regarding the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on study abroad programs, please see International Programs Travel Alerts.