Supervisor guidance for returning to in-person work

In rare circumstances, a department leader may request alternative work arrangements for individual employees that are different than pre-COVID arrangements.

  • Vaccination status should not play a role in making business decisions and should not influence how you manage your workforce. Do not ask your employees about their vaccination status and never keep records (formal or informal) about medical information, even if it is volunteered.
  • If an employee has expressed a potential need due to their own personal health condition, please direct the employee to contact the Office of Accessibility and ADA to begin the accommodation process. Supervisors should not request medical documentation from employees; documentation should be provided to ADA and HR professionals only.
  • ADA accommodations are prioritized first when providing remote work arrangements. In workspaces where social distancing is possible, generally only those employees with personal health conditions that place them at higher risk of serious illness due to COVID-19 will be permitted to continue to work remotely on a hybrid basis due to COVID-19 risk.
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