Memorial Union and MU Student Center

Safety protocols that have been implemented:

  • All entrances remain open at both Memorial Union and the Student Center.
  • Before entering, door screeners will ensure you have a “good to go” screen on your #CampusClear app, or the screener will take your temperature and make sure you have no symptoms.  (The door screeners are currently at the MU Student Center ONLY.)
  • Floors are marked to maintain a 6-foot distance in restaurant lines and one-way lines in and out of spaces.
  • All convenience stores and restaurants will no longer accept cash, but they will take payments via your MU Student ID or credit/debit card.
  • Furniture is spaced out and/or removed in the student unions for social distancing.
  • All drinking fountains are turned off, but bottle-filling stations are available.
  • You will not be allowed to sit on the floor and are discouraged from sleeping in the building.

Study spaces

Desks in the Arts & Science Building and Strickland Hall are reservable through EMS for online classwork and studying. Memorial Union and MUSC have dining tables and lounge furniture available for studying. For a list of options, visit the Campus Space for Online Classwork webpage.