Research work group

The Research work group is examining lab management and safety strategies for researchers in addition to guidelines for human subjects and animal care.

Read the MU Research and Creative Activities Restart Plan.

Faculty, Staff and Student Orientation and Education

Director: Sheila Grant
Co-Directors: Chris Pires, Michael Hill

Director: Walter Gassmann
Co-Directors: Chris Lorson, Jean Camden

Director: Jeni Hart
Co-Directors: Linda Blockus, Lissa Behm-Morawitz

Laboratory Safety
Director: John Middleton
Co-Directors: Todd Houts, Chris Lorson

Human Subjects
Director: Bill Fay
Co-Directors: Dyann Helmin, Judith Goodman, Christi Bergin

Director: Deb Ward

Monitoring and Enforcement
Director: Mark McIntosh
Co-Directors: John Middleton, Tom Spencer

Animal Care and Use
Director: Jeff Henegar
Co-Directors: Erin O’Conner, Dana Weir, Tom Spencer

Sponsored Programs and Administration
Director: Craig David
Co-Directors: Brenda Leuenberger, Jamie Szabo