Residence halls

The Department of Residential Life strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment, in which students can thrive. Mizzou Residential Life community members are expected to take proactive steps to monitor their personal health, stay home if they are feeling unwell and help protect the safety of our entire community.

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Campus Facilities has implemented an enhanced cleaning protocol for residential facilities. Learn more about cleaning and disinfection protocols.


Residential Life has identified space that can be used for quarantine/isolation, if necessary. Students who test positive will be encouraged to isolate at home if it is safe and possible to do so.

Isolation and quarantine housing in Residential Life is reserved for students who are unable to go home, including:

  • International students
  • Students who do not have the means
  • Students with extenuating situations

Returning to Residential Life after isolation or quarantine

Residential Life requires a 10-day quarantine or 10-day isolation before a student is allowed to return to their residence hall assignment, or within any Residential Life facility. Although the CDC has options to reduce time in quarantine and isolation, students within a communal residential life and dining environment are unable to meet CDC requirements for reduced isolation and quarantine. Therefore, we are continuing with our current practice due to the density of our housing and the amount of public space that students are in close proximity with each other such as hallways, lounges, elevators, restrooms, campus dining locations/environment, etc.

A student will be released from isolation/quarantine following receipt of a “release statement” from Public Health. The student will be directed to provide Residential Life a copy of their release statement. Upon receipt of the release statement, Residential Life will work with the student on returning to their permanent housing assignment.

We continue to be cognizant of the safety of all our students that live with us and to preventing the spread of COVID-19 to the best of our ability.