Financial matters for students


Tuition will be the same regardless of the mode of delivery. Classes will be taught by our distinguished Mizzou faculty members, individualized to the students in that class and the opportunity for progress toward a degree will be uninterrupted.

Tuition and fees help the university pay our faculty teaching courses as well as the associated costs of delivering our educational experience in this environment.


If a student takes a gap semester and they do not enroll at another institution, Mizzou will honor their scholarship if they come back the following semester. Mizzou staff will work with each student individually to address their concerns and answer questions.

Contact the Mizzou Student Financial Aid Office at and let them know you will be taking a gap semester.


If students return home due to COVID-19, how will gaining residency work?

Each student’s situation is unique. If impacted by COVID-19, students are encouraged to reach out to the residency staff at the registrar’s office to discuss their concerns.

Will my application to obtain residency in the state of Missouri for the spring 2021 semester be affected if I moved home for the fall 2020 semester? 

Any absences from Missouri while courses were being taught remotely for the fall 2020 semester will not be held against a residency applicant for the spring 2021 semester. More information on the process can be found on Office of the University Registrar’s website.

Deferring enrollment

If the university moves back to all-remote learning, what will be the process for students to defer enrollment?

Before the term begins, a new student who hasn’t been enrolled was able to contact the admissions office about deferring their enrollment. Continuing students also needed to let the admissions office know and they would then become inactive. Those students then needed to fill out an application for the next term if they wished to reactivate and register for classes.

If the university moves to remote learning during the term, students will need to go through the withdrawal process, but they would still be able to register for the next semester.

Graduate student funding and time-to-degree extensions

Is there a plan to extend more funding to graduate students who may need additional time to finish their degrees?

Academic units have been strongly encouraged to think creatively about admissions for upcoming academic years. For example, limiting the number of new admits could allow resources that would have gone to those students to be extended to continuing students who may need more time to complete their degree because of COVID-19-related limitations. In addition, the Graduate School has been liberally granting extensions for waivers and time-to-degree limits for students.

The Chancellor’s Office, with the support of the provost and the Graduate School, is launching a stipend bridge program for doctoral candidates who would otherwise no longer be eligible for departmental funding for the next academic year (AY21-22). The primary goal of this program is to provide financial support to departments and programs to fund doctoral candidate assistantship stipends for an additional semester or two, due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The desired outcome of this program is to help candidates to advance toward completion of their doctoral degree.