Face coverings

Students and employees are required to wear a face covering when on the University of Missouri campus.

Wear face coverings whenever you are on campus even when you are outside, unless you are alone.

  • Face coverings must cover your mouth and nose and surrounding areas of your lower face.
  • Those who share a household (roommates, family members, etc. ) must also wear face coverings when outdoors together on campus. This outdoor requirement applies to the entire campus, including the MU Health Care areas.

You do not have to wear a face covering:

  • When you are alone in a private work space or single-occupancy study rooms.
  • While exercising alone where social distancing is achievable.
    At MizzouRec, face coverings are required when entering the facility and while transitioning between spaces when you are working out. However, you do not need to wear a face covering while exercising alone where social distancing is achievable.
  • When you are in your residence hall room with your roommate. Face coverings should be worn around visitors.
  • When eating or drinking outdoors. You must remain at least six feet apart from others and return face coverings immediately after consumption is complete.

Departments will have extra face coverings for students who arrive for class without one, but students are expected to supply and maintain their own face coverings.

Employees, see additional indoor workplace face covering requirements for more information.

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Acceptable face coverings

Each individual is expected to provide their own face covering. A face covering can be made of cloth or other soft or permeable material, without holes. If choosing to wear a cloth face covering, it is recommended that they be made with at least 2 layers of fabric. Neither a clear face shield nor a face covering with exhalation valves or vents meet the face covering requirements. N95 masks should be saved for use by health care professionals performing high exposure procedures.

Face shields are allowed in the following circumstances:

  • Instructors, while in class, are allowed to wear a clear face covering and/or just a clear face shield.  If they wear just a clear face shield, they must remain 10 feet from others.
  • Students may wear a face shield in addition to wearing a face covering that meets Mizzou’s face covering requirements.

Inside lab classrooms, students and employees will receive an American Society for Testing and Materials Level 2 or 3 face covering. Your lab unit will provide these for you.

Learn more face-covering guidance from the CDC:


Face covering rules will be enforced with sanctions that could include suspension for students and disciplinary action for faculty and staff. If you do not wear a face covering and do not have approved accommodations not to wear one, you may also be excluded from university programs and activities.

If you are unable to wear a face covering because of a physical or mental health condition, please reach out to the Disability Center for accommodations. If you are unable to wear coverings because of religious beliefs or practice, contact the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX.

If you are aware of a student disregarding on-campus safety protocols (e.g., not wearing a face covering in class), you can use the MU COVID Safety Measures Reporting Form. To submit a COVID Safety Reporting form, please log in using your University of Missouri single sign-on information. Your information will be kept confidential and is viewable only by staff working to address your concerns.