Cleaning and sanitizing

We are committed to keeping our campus as safe as possible through consistent and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing practices.

Classrooms and common area protocols

  • Every morning before classes begin, staff clean and disinfect every classroom and common area. Throughout the day and between classes, staff will again be cleaning and disinfecting classrooms. Hand sanitizer will be placed at the entrances of all buildings, and disinfecting wipes will be available in classrooms and throughout campus facilities.
  • Restrooms will also be cleaned daily with high-touch surface areas cleaned twice daily. Elevator buttons and rails will be cleaned multiple times per day.
  • Custodians clean high-touch surfaces such as building entrance door bars and elevator buttons frequently throughout their shift.
  • Classrooms, restrooms and common areas are cleaned daily, Monday-Friday.

Individual offices

Individual offices are the responsibility of the occupants. Office suite doorknobs and other surface areas should be cleaned by occupants. To purchase EPA-approved cleaning products, contact UM System Procurement.

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Campus housing

Campus Facilities will implement an enhanced cleaning protocol for residential facilities to best serve students and meet CDC guidelines, including:

  • Cleaning of high touchpoints in common areas has increased.
  • Restrooms in community-style residential halls are cleaned twice daily during the week and once daily on weekends.
  • Private suite-style bathrooms will not be cleaned by the university to prevent unnecessary entry into rooms.
  • Each suite will have a labeled cleaning caddy to be used to clean or wipe down bathrooms and common areas, if desired.
  • Students need to take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and take steps to ensure the safety of roommates/apartment-mates, adhering to CDC cleaning guidelines.