Athletics work group

The Athletics work group is evaluating protocols for safely resuming athletic practices as well as resuming competition.

Andy Humes and Matt Jakobsze

Plans to Resume Practices
Tim Hickman

Plans to Resume Competition
Tim Hickman

Testing, Contact Tracing and Quarantining of Student-Athletes  and Coaches
Rex Sharp and Owen Stanley

Repopulation Task Force
Brian Brown
Larry Calhoon
Rohrk Cutchlow
Mark Diedrich
Tim Hickman
Matt Jakobsze
Nick Joos
Alan Peterson
Sarah Reesman
Rex Sharp
Brian Smith
Owen Stanley
Tony Wirkus
Zac Woodfin
Pam Bruzina

Return to Game Day Working Group
Ryan Alpert
Matt Fleming
Nick Joos
Brent Lewis
Ashley Moore
Josh Pell
Tony Wirkus