Events and activities

Events and activities in university-owned facilities or facilities rented or leased by the university for an event will follow university guidelines.

The university currently encourages virtual gatherings, meetings and events when appropriate, and limiting non-essential travel as much as possible.

While masks are no longer required, we ask that you wear a quality, well-fitting mask regardless of vaccination status while indoors or in crowded outdoor settings.

Some units across campus, such as MU Health Care, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Health Professions and facilities in the College of Veterinary Medicine, may have different requirements that are specific to their units.

Expectations for MU facilities and gatherings outside of Boone County may vary as any measures will be determined based on consultation with local public health officials.

University event coordinators may request guests wear masks for indoor or outdoor events, but cannot require them. Communications strategies for requesting masking can include wording on invitations, posting signs at the venue, providing free masks at the event, and/or a verbal request at the beginning of the event. Event spaces that can provide social distancing are ideal, but not all events will have space for social distancing. In those instances, reminders of the recommendations are helpful, particularly when indoors.

Events and activities off campus that are not organized by a college, department or division (such as those organized by a student organization or group) and are not in spaces owned by the university or rented/leased by the university should follow local public health requirements and recommendations as well as any specific policies prescribed by the venue. Additionally, for such events, the event organizer may determine additional COVID-19 precautions expected of guests.

Approving an event

The university does not have event size restrictions and currently does not require Incident Command approval for events. However, events should be approved at the unit level in consultation with venue coordinators/managers to ensure all applicable university policies are being followed, which may include but are not limited to risk acknowledgment and accountability requirements, food permit requirements, COVID-19 safety recommendations, and considerations for external constituents. 

All events should be adjusted according to current guidelines. Any such revisions to events should be reviewed by unit leaders, and venue space managers should be consulted if changes are desired for already scheduled events to ensure the venue can accommodate the proposed changes. 

Event considerations

With regard to COVID safety, the following factors should be taken into consideration when planning an event: 

  • Event planners cannot ask or require someone to provide evidence of vaccination status. 
  • Whether up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations or not, individuals with COVID symptoms should get tested, stay away from others, and not attend events and activities. 
  • Attendees may be asked to wear a mask to protect themselves and others, especially when social distancing is not possible. When choosing a venue, consideration should be given to venue capacity and the ability to socially distance.
  • When feasible, recording attendance at an event can be useful to aid case investigators and contact tracers should someone at an event test positive for COVID.


Example invitation language

We request all attendees wear a mask during this event. Attendees are also asked to monitor their symptoms before coming to the University of Missouri campus. Please do not come to campus if you are experiencing symptoms, feel unwell and/or if you are currently in isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19 or exposure.

More information

To assist event planners, the CDC provides useful information on choosing safer activities. 

To assist event planners, the Incident Command team is available to answer COVID safety questions.