Events Submissions Checklist

Submission Qualifications:

  1. Events over fifty (50) people are discouraged and require approval of vice chancellors, deans or other unit administrator, followed by Incident Command. Those requests must be submitted through the COVID-19 Events Request Form. An event is defined as: a communal gathering, on or off-campus, outside of a classroom setting for longer than 15 minutes.
  2. At this time, all external client requests will be denied unless an official exemption has been given.
  3. Any multi-day summer activity/camp, regardless of total attendees, will need to be reviewed. Note that residential summer camps for K-12 students are currently not being allowed.
  4. All requests must be submitted at least fourteen (14) business days prior to the event date or where registration is required at least fourteen (14) business days from the event registration being launched. If received less than fourteen (14) business days from the event date, the request will be denied.

Suggested Safety Guidelines:

  1. Please review the Show Me Renewal Events Taskforce Policy for suggested guidelines for holding a safe gathering.
  2. Ensure all questions have been answered – especially the COVID capacity and pre-COVID capacity for the desired venue location. Please confirm with the venue coordinator that the proposed venues are available and the projected number of invitees/anticipated attendees does not exceed the current COVID capacity of the venue.
  3. Make sure safety guidelines include an explanation of the following:
    1. How 6-foot distancing between attendees will be achieved, including explaining the room set-up?
    2. How 6-foot distancing will be maintained and physical contact will be avoided throughout the entirety of the event (no hugging, hand shaking, fist/elbow bumping, etc.)?
    3. The flow of traffic in and out of the venue.
    4. A detailed outline of the event as well as the importance of the event’s objective, particularly why the event must be held in person.
    5. The face covering/mask policy, which should include a requirement that all attendees are required to wear a face covering or mask for the entirety of the event, with the exception of briefly removing their mask for any food or beverage consumption. Please review the following links for additional details: CDC’s current Guidance on Wearing Masks as well as our campus-wide policy.
    6. The registration process needs to include the collection of the name and at least one form of contact information as well as where each individual is seated and/or what group each attendee is in for all attendees. Note: registration should be contactless where possible.
    7. If there needs to be contact with other attendees, (i.e., demonstrations, etc.), what does that contact entail and what safety measures have been put in place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19?
    8. If the event will include a speaker(s) and/or performer(s) or where respiratory droplets will likely be expelled (singing, cheering, physical activity, etc.), explain how the speaker(s)/performer(s) will be positioned at least 10-feet from the audience.
    9. Detailed disinfection protocols if equipment/materials of any kind are being shared between attendees and note if disposable gloves are being utilized by event staff if items are being transferred to the attendees on-site.
    10. If pictures are desired, note that there can only be one person photographed at a time if a face covering is not worn. If multiple individuals are in a single photo, everyone needs to have a face covering on and physical contact should be avoided.
    11. Ratio of event staff to attendees; a ratio of at least 1:10 event staffer to attendees is generally recommended to help ensure safety protocols are followed by all attendees.
    12. If a line could form at any time during the gathering, explain how distancing attendees will be managed, e.g., having ground markers to promote proper physical distancing between those waiting in line or note that a specific event staffer will ensure proper distancing if a line forms.
    13. How Mizzou’s safety guidelines and expectations will be communicated to attendees before they attend the event?
    14. How will it be communicated to potential guests not to come to your event if they are experiencing symptoms, feel unwell and/or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?
    15. How non-compliant individuals will be dealt with by event staffers?


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